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Draw a circle in CSS

Published November 01, 2014 by , category CSS

The round is a graphic element that regularly comes up in the web design. When we must incorporate the ideas of a designer, we often have to draw a circle with text in CSS.

Imagine you want to create a menu, made of circles, with different colors... I'll explain how to achieve this feat in CSS. Do not worry, it's quiet simple.

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Create fast & easy image rollovers without preload

Published September 30, 2014 by , category CSS

In this tutorial I will explain how to make fast image hover effects, using CSS and without JavaScript. Many websites out there still use an old school JavaScript technique to produce an image rollover, now a bad and heavy solution that can be easily replaced by a unique sprite image and a simple 2 lines CSS code.

Preloading images using CSS only is a good solution but one of the best technique so far for its simplicity, and pure CSS approach is to create one single graphic file containing both images: the “off” and the “on” images. Today I will focus on this solution, the one I regularly use for my websites…

Create fast & easy image rollovers without preload

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