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New Animated Twitter Heart Button

Published November 26, 2015 by , category jQuery

For this new tutorial, let me introduce you the Twitter Heart Button Animation script using jQuery and CSS3. This complete PHP script also includes MySQL database structure for data insertion with PDO. Twitter heart animation is pretty cool and will enhance your website.

Please have a look at the complete free code and test the demo by clicking the hearts.

New Animated Twitter Heart Button

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jQuery online converter, length and distance conversions

Published September 13, 2015 by , category jQuery

Here is a new simple jQuery script called unit conversion calculators for websites. This jQuery script will allow you to convert length, temperature, area, volume, weight, time…from a unit to another one without refreshing the page.

To illustrate my script I chose a length converter. You may select from which unit to which unit you want to convert a quantity (kilometer, mile, foot, meter...)

Have a look at the free unit converter jQuery script and install it to enhance your website.

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Refresh an image after an ajax file upload in jQuery

Published June 20, 2015 by , category jQuery

In this tutorial I will explain you how to refresh an image, with the same file name, after an upload using Ajax and jQuery.

The newly uploaded file has the same name as the old one so we need to break the cache and force the browser to check for the image again.

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Pagination with jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL

Published March 07, 2015 by , category jQuery

Always dream to create a jQuery pagination plugin to browse for example an articles table without refreshing page? This tutorial is made for you.

This jQuery pagination script is linked to a simple database table containing a title and description fields. It's very easy to implement.

It features functionalities like “first”, “previous”, “next” and “last” buttons.

This script will allow you to paginate content from a database without refreshing page in a very easy way. Need a little proof? This way...

Pagination with jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL

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jQuery PhotoStream Script

Published January 24, 2015 by , category jQuery

Here is a very simple jQuery PhotoStream script to enhance your photos website.

This PhotoStream script allows you to show a photo stream for a chosen user. You can configure it easily and select the user ID and the number of photos (thumbnail) you want to display per page.

You can easily display a PhotoStream on your personal website using JavaScript (jQuery), PHP and MySQL. I provide a database structure sample, you can easily adapt with yours. Code is commented.

jQuery PhotoStream Script

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Very precise jQuery/Ajax Star Rating Plugin Tutorial

Published January 12, 2015 by , category jQuery

Here is a new Star Rating Plugin that follows the previous tutorial.

What is the difference between them? This new rating system doesn’t only display full stars, but also half or quarter stars; it is precise up to 0.01.

Like before, you can display a star bar with as many stars as you want. Allow your visitors to rate your items, videos, articles, pages…by including a simple code below them.

This new system is simpler, nicer, more precise and powerful; check it out!

Very precise jQuery/Ajax Star Rating Plugin Tutorial

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jQuery Star Rating System

Published January 05, 2015 by , category jQuery

Happy New Year to all of you! Last month someone asked me a 5 star rating system that he could easily install and allowing visitors to rate his photos. So here is a jQuery Star Rating System Tutorial. With this jQuery script, easy to configure, you can choose the star image you want and the number of stars you want to display. You can rate as many Medias you want in your web page.

A simple command, calling a three parameters function, is enough to display a star bar around the Media. The three parameters are: number of stars, Media Id and width of your star image in pixels.

Enhance your website and ask your visitors to rate your photos, your videos, your articles…with this simple multi-stars rating system!

With this tutorial I provide the database structure and a 1-day cookie system to prevent people rating more than 1 time per day. You will be surprised by the simplicity of this jQuery script.

jQuery Star Rating System

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Ajax and jQuery autocomplete tutorial

Published November 09, 2014 by , category jQuery

Unlike what you may find on the web, namely jQuery autocomplete scripts extremely complex, heavy, difficult to adapt, here is a simple and effective one!

This jQuery autocomplete plugin is willingly CSS free, just few lines of code; a dropdown box appears below your field with a UL / LI list and highlighted words…

Check it out!

Ajax and jQuery autocomplete tutorial

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