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Le Foodist, Paris Cooking Class

Discover culture through food

At le Foodist, whe obey to specific values and history. What are they ?

What are our main Values here at le Foodist ?

Food is culture
Food affects not only on but probably at the origin of many cultural practices of companies worldwide. To date, even in societies 'modern' how families and friends connect every day or for special occasions defines key aspects of any given culture. Therefore, we believe that food is not only a very appropriate way to discover culture; it could well be the best and ultimately only way to decrypt a culture.

But in addition to promoting cultural understanding more we promote bringing as many things as possible to the table: more taste, more people, more variety.

Once Upon a Table bandeau

Culture is what is most intimate
Each of those will eventually bring more fun:

The taste is personal ; by expanding your range of experience and trust you along the way, you will experience more taste and ultimately more fun.

Food availability is based on the movement of people and environments change constantly and there are people in motion. This had an impact of our diet on a fundamental level (eg our sweet taste) or mundane levels (eg a landscape restaurant in Paris). The popular movement is multifaceted: immigration, exploration, tourism; but it is also bringing food to where it is consumed in cities or e.g by the army during the wars. Our approach to food must be open to popular movements.
not only what we eat identifies us and represents choice compared to the cosmos, others, ourselves; it also really us happier to share food. We need more opportunities to share food.
The way we eat has a huge impact on everything from health to landscapes, sometimes our happiness more poverty. Understanding these consequences should help us make a better choice for our local communities, but also for the whole world. If politics is defined as the power of fashion and wealth are distributed, the choices we make about how we feed could be the most powerful political acts that we have the opportunity to do. Everyday.
In traditional societies, there is little of science and technology, and some diet-related diseases. In modern societies, there is a lot of science and technology and a large number of diet-related diseases. Short of where the truth lies, the variety should be one of your strategies to ensure health.
That is why it is important to share
So, in the end, we must recognize our meals come from people who have traveled in space and time, and always be open to sharing our meals with others; we must also be willing to share stories that define us, our culture. All this helps to meet basic human needs and will make a meal more enjoyable.

While we share, we must respect the specificities of the taste of others and our own taste.

As we do, we must realize that the choices we make what we eat not only reflect our culture and individual taste, but also impact other immensely. Finally, we must remember our knowledge of what is good to eat - or so it is good to think - is never final; deal with this uncertainty, variety seems a good hedging strategy ...

Who is Le Foodist ?

Le Foodist is composed by three different Chef: Fred, Stéphane and Amanda

Fred was hungry a little more understanding of why people eat what they eat and do what they do; in short more cultural perspective. So, over time, he built a vision to help people experience the culture through food with a simple narration and culinary experiences. And when his company moved from Paris to Geneva, he knew it was time for him to say goodbye to 15 years in corporate America and follow that dream. After intensive cooking course with Alain Ducasse Formation, he obtained a Bachelor of the University of Reims Champagne. And The Foodist was born.

Amanda was born and raised in Kent, England, and was always ready to travel the world. Here is how she met Fred 20 years ago - in fact in Atlanta. Formed in different areas, and member of Wabi-sabi also a talented ceramist, she also has a real talent for places feel good and people at home. We are blessed teaches several baking classes as well as make the Foodist as beautiful and special as it is. A has also been a vegan and plans to launch a series of classes with vegetarian The Foodist.

Stéphane, the esthete wine
From the age of 18, our sommelier Stéphane focused its energy to advance his knowledge of wines and the wine world through its multiple angles. After working as a sommelier server in the gastronomic world-class restaurants in France and abroad, he improved his expertise in a master class of chai in Bordeaux. He became also the host of a wine tasting club during this period.

Le Foodist, Paris Cooking Class

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Le Foodist, Paris Cooking Class


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