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Sun Tour America by Bicycle or e-Cycle

Tour the Americas, North, Central & South, by solar powered cycles.

So why tour by sun? Aside from investment in equipment, cost of travel is minimized. After traveling a few years, a new battery will be required. Bicycles and trikes are so efficient that very fit humans can power them, and for all the rest, e-motor assist is an option. With solar panels onboard, there is no need to plan one's travels from plug to plug. Speed is moderate. About 10 mph average, meaning to go 50 miles could take 5 hours. Those with a need for speed should get a motorcycle. An e-trike could take you further than you could walk or ride a horse day after day. Traveling thousands of mile without having to carry a backpack is possible. Life without fossil fuel dependency is possible, and some day will be necessary. So why wait, adapt now. Monarch butterflies travel from Canada to central Mexico. So can humans at about the same speed.

Sun Tour America by Bicycle or e-Cycle

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Sun Tour America by Bicycle or e-Cycle


Tour Americas by bicycle
and solar power

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