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Advertising on TipoCode

Published October 08, 2014


TipoCode is my personal blog topics focused on programming tutorials: PHP, jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML, CSS...

TipoCode is an excellent opportunity for an advertiser to promote websites, products and services.

TipoCode is a support mixing power and qualified audience. Thus, I offer the opportunity to reach a young target within a diversified and quality content.

How do I advertise on TipoCode

If you want to advertise on TipoCode, just contact me.


Ad slots are located on the left column, where you see the "Advertise Here!" Ad sample.

Your Ad will be displayed on every pages of TipoCode website.

Available Ad types sizes and price

I offer 3 different kind of Ad size:

  1. 125 x 125 pixels: 50$/month
  2. 250 x 125 pixels: 80$/month
  3. 250 x 250 pixels: 150$/month

I accept payment through PayPal ().

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: I am a Coder, Designer, Webmaster and Expert SEO Consulting, I'm also a wise traveller and an avid amateur photographer. I created the website TipoCode and many others such as Landolia: a World of Photos...

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