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Published September 19, 2014


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Comments (6 comments)

Cameron Browne Posted on August 03, 2017
Pagination with jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL:
I have been trying to add pagination to a live search page I have and having trouble understanding the logic. I like your design but it shows that you already know what data is going to display. Do you have an example of live search pagination?
afzal Posted on October 31, 2016
Hi i want to to have star rating system in my site . and also in my comments . how can i do this . If you can do this tell me and how much charges are for this ? . contact me soon..........................................
Sean Burn Posted on March 08, 2016
Good Afternoon Simon,

As I am far from a database guru or even handling ajax requests from my scripts to a database via php and back again, I am going to ask you for your assistance regarding a pet project I am working on.

I have incorporated both Jquery Ui Sliders using the Pips extension library with Justgage.js. What I am attempting to do is have a user select the value on the slider based on the question associated with each slider.

As the user answers each question by selecting a value on the slider, it then populates the gauge. I would then need to record that page section into the DB and store the values they chose, and after pressing next, the next set of questions are displayed pertaining to a different section which would then store into that section within the DB and so on. Right at the end, I would then need all the values sent from the DB to a totally different URL to populate a whole new set of graphs.

I am not going to post this on Stackoverflow as I want to keep this under wraps for now, which is why I'm reaching out to a freelancer.

You may take a look at what I have so far and get a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve when you get back to me privately as I don't want to paste the URL in a public area.

And then get back to me with a price perhaps? I honestly can't be asked to try figure this all out for myself as it will take way too long and SQL and Databases are just not my thing.

Kind regards,

Simon Laroche
Simon Laroche Posted on October 06, 2015
If you get an "error" message it's because you clicked twice on the link. Just click one time and you account is confirmed and you are logged in.
Simon Laroche
Simon Laroche Posted on October 05, 2015
@juanpa: Can you send me your confirmation link please at the email shown above? I will check it out.
juanpa Posted on October 05, 2015
Try to register, but when i click the confirmation link, return "error"