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TipoDirectory submission rules

Published October 21, 2014

Submission rulesTipoDirectory

A link directory or web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.

TipoDirectory is a human-edited link directory where you can submit your site in 5 steps.

Step 1: accept the submission rules

Will be refused:

Step 2: choose a category

Please choose the best category for your site. Any site proposed in an inappropriate category may be rejected or removed.

If you don't find a suitable category, choose the closest one and suggest a category in next field.

Step 3: URL & location


A URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which means your site address, may be submitted only one time.

You may propose only the home page.

What type of links do we accept?

What type of links we DO NOT accept?

Basically we do not accept deep links. You may propose an article later...

Also indicate whether your site is personal or professional.


For a better local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we offer you the opportunity to locate your business, company, organization…on a Google Map (professional sites only).

To do this, we put at your disposal several fields, no required, where you can enter your business full address and coordinates.

Step 4: title & description + tags & social networks

Title & description

For this section, follow carefully the instructions. Descriptions of sites must describe the content of the site concisely and accurately. They must be unique, well-written and mistake-free. More rules are available above each field.

Four fields are required, here is their usefulness:

  1. Site title: the site dedicated page URL is partly composed of this title. For example, my website name is Landolia (, its dedicated page URL will be
  2. Site headline: we use it as a headline, an important part of your page, immediately seen by visitors.
  3. Site short description: this short description appears next to the thumbnail, on the site list page of the chosen category.
  4. Site long description: the long description appears on the site dedicated page. It must be different than the short description.

Tags (keywords)

3 to 5 tags or keywords are required, each composed of 1 to 5 words. Choose accurate expressions so you may be found on search engines.

Social networks

We offer links to social network profiles to improve the e-reputation.

Step 5: backlink & fees

Submission is free; there is no charge for the review and listing of the site.

There is no need to add link back to our website, however:

Paid submission - become a Premium

We offer you the opportunity to place your link above others in your chosen category. The fee is 10$ per year. 1 month before expiration you'll receive an email, so at any moment you can choose to renew your membership. Payment is by PayPal only.

Also your link will be validated within 24 hours.

How sites are classified?

In each category, Premium sites appear first. Then comes sites which have a backlink to TipoDirectory. The rest of the sites are classified by date insertion. First sites submitted are displayed first.

At our directory we make a very strong effort to review as many link submissions as possible every single day. However, not all links may be accepted into our directory.

When submitting your link, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title, description, category and URL to ensure acceptance.

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