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Published October 01, 2014

Simon Laroche - Founder, Coder, Designer and Webmaster ()

I am the one who initiated the TipoCode project and I am the webmaster. I take care of web development and enhancement of the website. I create and develop new scripts and new services.

My interest for the Internet dates back to my education, when I was studying electronics and computer science in Paris. I started with languages like Basic, Turbo Pascal, C, C++ and Assembly language and then switched to HTML and PHP/MySQL. Later on, I have also developed specific skills in Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

I lived in New-Caledonia for 2 years and now I am sharing my time between Paris, France and Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, from where I run, manage and update different websites.

One of my favorite leisure is sport: from swimming to extreme sports, but also team sports like football or volleyball. I like them all. I also enjoy traveling, reading and watching all the latest movies. Discovering the world is great and I like to take as many photos as I can each time I've got an opportunity to travel.

A bit of my history


First PHP / MySQL website


1two free
Link Directory Script

March 2005

TWIP (The World In Photos)
Now Landolia

November 2006

Southeast Asia
Ads Network launch


Photoshop / Illustrator


SEO expert

June 2013

jQuery expert

December 2013

a World of Photos

September 2014

Launch of TipoCode
Coding Website

Want to know more?
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: I am a Coder, Designer, Webmaster and Expert SEO Consulting, I'm also a wise traveller and an avid amateur photographer. I created the website TipoCode and many others such as Landolia: a World of Photos...

Comments (3 comments)

fabien Posted on September 27, 2017

I would like to add a website but i didnt find the categorie.
We are furniture manufaturers in Bali (indonesia)

Please let me know if you have some questions,

Hope to reading tou soon,

Jedebute Posted on December 17, 2015
Re effectivement très beau parcours, très humble de ta personne ce qui me plait beaucoup.
Zenshimaro Posted on December 07, 2014
I'm very pleasure w­hen I can read your profile... Uh... great job... I'm Asian so I hope you will happy ­when you come, live, work in one of countries in Asia. Thailand is the beautiful country... I love your photos... some places I have never come but I think I can go there in the future... because they are so beautiful...
Photoshop, photo arts... are my hobbies and I love ocean... (but I can't swim, I don't know why ?! )
Thank you for your sharing everything...
They make my knowledge richer and richer.
Best wishes for your life, your family, your friends.
*** Zen ***