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Simple PHP Cache Tutorial

Published October 07, 2014 by , category PHP

In this tutorial I'll show you how to cache a resource using PHP.

When working on a PHP website, homemade, without framework, speed can be an issue, especially for pages having few database connections each time and receiving thousands of visitors per day.

Often these pages content don't need to be updated every time someone visits them. Here is a way to add an easy and efficient cache system…

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Regular Expression Tutorial

Published October 04, 2014 by , category PHP

Regular expressions are extremely useful in extracting information. My goal is to give you from basic to advanced understanding of regular expressions, describe their implementation and provide you several regular expression examples.

Of course I didn’t invent everything myself and I collected help and regular expressions examples from here and there.

Do you want to learn Chinese? Please let yourself be carried into this guide to regular expressions.

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