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Free link directory list

Published December 22, 2014 by , category SEO

Link directoryFriendly SEOWeb directory list

As a webmaster and site builder, SEO is a part of my job. However I realized that finding good SEO friendly directories is a hard task! So I decided to build and share a web directory list which provides free submissions for home page or deep link. My list includes two parts: a general directory list and a niche directory list which will help to improve the relevancy of the link.

Aren't link directories dead?

The answer is NO, but…

Remember 10 years ago! More you had links back to your site, better it was. You were able to copy/paste a 2-3 poor description lines everywhere without risking a Google penalty. The goal was: get as many backlink as possible to increase your pagerank and then increase your Google ranking.

Now the situation has changed. Google kindly invites you to remove bad links and avoid duplicate content. Then we are witnessing a strange phenomenon, webmasters step back and ask link directory websites to remove their link. They undo the work they had done before or they simply use the Google link disavow tool. We can call that the Google link cleaning policy.

However, links directory have adapted. A good SEO is the search for quality rather than quantity.

What is a quality SEO friendly link directory?

This kind of link directory may offer:

  1. A link in hard to your home page or a deeper page,
  2. A unique long description, 300 words or 800 characters more or less (avoid duplicate content),
  3. A link to your favorite social networks (do not forget to work on your social networks SEO),
  4. A geo-location: if your website is related to a business (full address, Google Map, etc…),
  5. ...

I also recommend choosing web directories with a unique and correct design (not a template that is used by hundreds of other websites) and homemade program.

Do we need to pay for link insertion?

The answer is yes and no. There are quality free link directories, you may start with them. As I said before, quality is essential. Nowadays you can get quality for free. If you later want to deepen your SEO, you may choose to pay for inclusion review, some are worth it.

The free link directory list

General Directories

Name Alexa Rank Details
DMOZ 1,676 Volunteer based directory 11,451 Friendly free link directory
TipoDirectory 713,698 SEO-friendly human-edited free web link directory
BusyBits Web Directory 23,607 Free & Paid Web Directory
oneMission 27,555 is completely created by volunteers
!tzalist Web Directory 37,539 Web directory accepting free website submissions
High Rank Directory 10,128 Free regular links reviewed in 2-3 months by human editor 37,539 Web directory accepting free website submissions
TopSites 66,745 Online top web directory
Info web world 518,252 Web directory organized by topic 11,947 General web directory that lists various quality sites under popular categories and relevant sub categories

Niche or local directories

Name Alexa Rank Details 15,476 Business free directory that anyone can edit
CityVisitor 70,554 Get a free listing on Cityvisitor and get your business found
Yell 3,748 UK's local business search engine

I hope that you find my free link directory list useful. I will try to update the list as often as possible. Do you want to help? Please feel free to suggest free quality link directories; I will be pleased to insert them in the list.

Also don't hesitate to report a directory if you think it doesn't fit the policy anymore. Some directories may have decided to charge for submission once they have grown.

To suggest or report a directory, please use the comment form below or contact me.

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