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Symfony 2

Symfony 2

Symfony2 Star Rating System

Published January 16, 2016 by , category Symfony 2

Here is a new Symfony2 tutorial called Symfony Star Rating System. This tutorial will show you how to integrate a star rating system with Symfony2.

A good Symfony2 level is required for a good understanding. Also some experience with jQuery. All the code is free as usually, so go ahead, have fun and diffuse around you.

Click on “read more…” to have more explanation or click here to have access to the Symfony2 Lab.

Symfony2 Star Rating System

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Symfony2 autocomplete tutorial

Published December 30, 2015 by , category Symfony 2

Today I open a new section for Symfony2 tutorials. And my first tutorial is Symfony2 autocomplete field in forms using jQuery and Ajax. Yes, it is possible to have a jQuery autocomplete text box in Symfony!

Please check out the Symfony2 Ajax Lab and the autocomplete tutorial.

Code and explanation are here.


Symfony2 autocomplete tutorial

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