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The Escape Key

Posted on Thursday 13 May 2021

We are unique in specialising in escape games that are inspired by the North East's rich history. The venue is located in the historic Gallowgate area above St. Andrew's churchyard which is the oldest graveyard in Newcastle and is home to Newcastle's busiest plague pit and the mass graves of those found guilty of witchcraft. Currently we have four indoor escape rooms suitable for teams of two to six players and suitable for ages 10 and upwards. This year - 2021 - we developed two history themed outdoor escape games which are played using our app on the streets of Newcastle.

Learn about our escape room games inspired by the city's history. Our Plague room is inspured by the devastating plague outbreak of 1636 which killed almost half of the town's population in a few months. Many religious sects sprung up during the outbreak asking god for forgiveness. Dare you enter the lair of Arthur Gibson, leader of a religious cult. Can you find the ashes of the sect's founders, solve his puzzles and escape before the plague doctor arrives? Witch takes you back to the Newcastle witch trials of 1650 when fourteen women and one man were found guity of witchcraft and hanged on the nearby Town Moor, hence the name Gallowgate. Their bodies were cut down and buried in unmarked graves in the consecrated soil of St. Andrew's churchyard. Your mission is to save an innocent victim and escape before the hangman arrives, Did you know Newcastle upon Tyne was the first city in the entire world to be lit by electricity? However this new invention was met with fear and suspicion so much so that an angry mob are marching through the streets of Newcastle intent on destroying it. In Electric City you need to break in to the offices of Joseph Swan to find and save his invention before the mob arrives. Our other indoor game Armageddon challenges your team to repair a disused missile bunker to launch a rocket and destroy an asteroid heading towards earth. Go to the game page to see a trailer and some great 360 degree views of the rooms.

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