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In summary:

Every day, many Websites are submitted in the directory, so we have decided to offer the possibility to SEOs to purchase a Premium Formula which offers many advantages over the Sites included in the standard ranking.

Below is the list of advantages for those who have decided to subscribe to a Premium Formula:

24 hour validation

All Premium Formula guarantee you validation of your Website in less than 24 hours. Speed up the inclusion of your Site in the directory, you will not regret it.

Increased visibility

Your Website is placed at the top of your category. Each category has a "Premium" ranking followed by a "Standard" ranking. Subscribing to a Premium Formula guarantees your Site to remain in pole position, ahead of other sites and on the first page of its category.

A hardlink from the page of your "category"

2 hard links from Tipo Directory.

All the Websites accepted in the Tipo Directory have a hardlink on their dedicated page (the site sheet). Sites that have subscribed to a Premium Formula are assigned a hardlink on the page of their category in addition to the hardlink on their dedicated page.

Internal links

With a Premium Formula, you have the possibility, if you wish, to add up to three "dofollow" internal links or subdomains of your Website. Three internal links are a big advantage in leading your visitors to the key pages of your Site. Links to internal pages or subdomains of your Site appear on its dedicated page and, as you might have guessed, are in hard.

The duration

One year, three years or five years. Pamper your Site and offer it the best, work for the long term. The prices are decreasing. You save by choosing a long period.


We will send you an email 30 days and then 3 days before the expiration date of your Premium Formula. You do not need to wait until the last day to renew it, it can be done at any time, we will add the new duration chosen from the expiration date of your previous Formula.

The duration of my Premium Formula has expired

When your Premium Formula expires, your Website returns to the Standard ranking. We insist on the fact that your Website remains in the Tipo Directory for life. The various Premium Formula are only there to offer you a better positioning in the directory, to directly reach the heart of your target.

Tipo Directory Team

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