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Daniel Mauceri Puppeteer and artisan builder of sicilian puppets

Posted on Sunday 13 November 2022

Daniel Mauceri Puppeteer and artisan builder of sicilian puppets


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In Syracuse, Sicily, in the heart of the historic center of Ortigia, is the handicraft workshop of puppeteer Daniel Mauceri. Daniel and his family carry on the ancient tradition of Sicilian puppetry. Many shows have been staged over the years and many puppets have been made, some of which can be found in private homes and museums in Italy and abroad. Over the years, the experience acquired has allowed them to perfect each individual creation and to enrich the family heritage with all the figures present in the Carolingian cycle: knights, magicians, dragons, ladies, monstrous creatures... This site shows the work of an outstanding craftsman and his family.

In Ortigia, on the peninsula of Syracuse, in Sicily, the journey to the land of traditional puppets begins to the rhythm of elegant ladies and valiant knights made of wood and metal. In his workshop, after a careful study, Daniel Mauceri gives life to his creations. In keeping with tradition, characters such as Orlando, Rinaldo, Bradamante and many others now have faces and armor that have been perfected by time and technique, bringing detail to the highest level, as required by a handcrafted creation.

The Opera dei Pupi as we know it today was developed in Sicily at the end of the 18th century. Thanks to ancestral techniques handed down over 200 years of history, Sicilian puppets are no longer just legendary characters from traditional theater, but true works of art. A puppet can become a decorative object to be displayed and that the enthusiast can personalize according to his own taste. The choices vary according to the type of character, the characteristics of the face, the color of the dresses, the color of the metal (copper, brass or nickel silver) for the armors, the mirror polished or burnished finish. A traditional world to discover and invite to your home.

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