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scriptoman transcript
scriptoman transcript
Posted on Thursday 18 August 2022

Professional site - Marker Ashford (United Kingdom)

Why is audio to text transcription necessary?
With the advent of computers came the need for people to communicate with them. Over time, several ways of communication have been created. can be grouped into:
- commands in an agreed vocabulary, fixed and limited to what is already recorded in the computer's memory, the command line interface (CLI).
Commands are transmitted through the keyboard, cards, punched tape, magnetic support, etc.
- graphical controls (GUI), via keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc.
- voice commands, with the human voice (VUI).
Since the beginning, there has been concern about the development of these types of interfaces.
The development of the VUI type interface was a concern under the name of voice recognition and which generated many studies and research.

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