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Cyclope bike app on android
Cyclope bike app on android
Posted on Wednesday 07 December 2022

Cyclope is a GPS application for cyclists on Android.
It connects cyclists in a group, also allowing them to compete against each other.

Cyclope brings together all the features of a top-of-the-line cycling computer and allows you to follow your progress by following your route, complete missions, compare times with other cyclists and stay in touch through communication. voice so you can talk like professional cyclists with their earbuds.

Cyclope is the only bike application to interconnect cyclists around a geographical area in real time. It is also the only one to provide a 3D map to visualize the surrounding roads classified by level of difficulty.

Cyclope has just released a Relive function that allows you to relive its releases in video form.

Cyclope continues to evolve by offering a free bike route planner directly on the smartphone.

It allows you to prepare outings in advance and facilitate navigation by following the route on the 3D map when driving.

You can participate in a global competition to win the title of world cycling champion.

To do this, try to win a distinctive jersey each week (yellow, green or white jersey with red polka dots).

Depending on your ranking, you will earn points for the World Championship.

At the end of the month, if you are in the top 100, you will win a trophy.

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